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Exceptional, Whole-Person Memory Care

The memories you’ve made — and have yet to make — matter. At AdventHealth, we’ll help preserve them through comprehensive care for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia that supports your body, eases your mind and lifts your spirit.

Devoting Our Minds to Caring for Yours

Unmatched Experience

We may treat more neuroscience patients than any other hospital in the nation, but you’ll receive the personalized, one-on-one attention you need to feel supported from day one.

Continuous, Seamless Care

No matter where you are in your patient journey, you’ll find care, comfort and compassion from our experienced specialists in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Hope and Help for Memory Loss

With the support of our Memory Care Program, we’ll create an individualized treatment plan for you or your loved one, so you can live each day with fewer worries and more confidence.

Meet Your Team of Memory Care Experts

Valeria Baldivieso Hurtado, MD
Daniel Ebele Okobi, Jr., MD, PhD
Behavioral Neurology Medical Director
B. Azka Nabi, MD, MRCPsych
Nakita Helligar, APRN
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Comprehensive Care for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Signs and Symptoms

It can be hard to know if signs of forgetfulness are the result of natural aging or an illness such as Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia like vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies or frontotemporal dementia. If you or someone you love is concerned about memory loss or other cognitive changes, know that early detection is key to helping create the most effective treatment plan possible.

The first warning sign of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is the experience of memory loss, but other signs can include:

  • Memory loss that disrupts daily life, such as getting lost in a familiar place or repeating questions
  • Trouble handling money and paying bills
  • Difficulty completing everyday tasks at home, in the workplace or during leisure time
  • Decreased or poor judgment
  • Misplacing things and being unable to retrace steps to find them
  • Changes in mood, personality or behavior
  • Problems with movement and sleep
Risk Factors

There are several key risk factors for Alzheimer’s and dementia, including:

  • Age (greater than 65)
  • Genetics and family history
  • Personal health history of diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • Head trauma
  • Smoking
Evaluation and Diagnosis


We want to know exactly what's causing your memory loss or confusion. To find solid answers, we'll use a combination of physical and mental exams, including:

  • Blood and other lab tests
  • Brain scans
  • Electroencephalograms (EEGs) to measure brainwave activity
  • Physical and neurological exams
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Verbal and written tests that measure your memory, cognitive and thinking abilities


If, upon evaluation, you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, rest assured that you’re not alone on this journey. These conditions are common, and more importantly, you’ve got a world of support. At AdventHealth, you’ve found the right team for your memory care, which makes all the difference in the world for you and your loved ones. 


If you or a loved one is facing the challenge of neurological impairment, our highly skilled and certified physical, occupational and speech therapists will be by your side to help you achieve your maximum potential. You'll benefit from our friendly, caring therapy environment and state-of-the-art equipment. We’ll create a care plan that’s personalized according to your medical history, your family’s medical history and a variety of other factors unique to you.

While there isn’t a cure just yet for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, having the right team to support you can make all the difference in the world for you and your loved ones.

Wholehearted Support in Our Memory Care Program

At the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute, find comfort in knowing we specialize in helping individuals and their families understand what they are facing.

Our Memory Care Program offers a dedicated team of board-certified neurologists, geriatricians, nurse practitioners, nurses and social workers who will provide a thorough diagnosis and help create a whole-person treatment plan. They’ll also connect you with additional resources, recommendations and referrals for ongoing support.

Join our Facebook group to find information on available support groups and more.

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Here in Central Florida, you can rest assured that you have access to some of the best neurology care in the nation. AdventHealth Orlando is ranked #35 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for neurology and neurosurgery.

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