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Dr. Field in the middle of brain surgery

Complicated Procedures in the Hands of Experts

We know that hearing that you need brain surgery can be startling. At the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute, we are here to help. Our specialists are at the forefront of the most successful treatment options to treat a variety of brain conditions, using the latest technology and innovative care in the field of neuroscience. We combine our expertise with caring, compassionate support for you and your family at every stage of your care and recovery.

Advanced Technology. Expert Care.

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                        Fully Coordinated Care

Fully Coordinated Care

From early detection and counseling through advanced treatment and rehabilitation, our team of surgeons, physicians, nurses, therapists and caregivers guide you through every step.

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                        World-Class Expertise

World-Class Expertise

Face the challenges ahead with confidence. AdventHealth Orlando is ranked #35 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for neurology and neurosurgery.

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                        Minimally Invasive Techniques

Minimally Invasive Techniques

Faster recovery with fewer complications. New innovations in minimally invasive brain surgery (MIBS) are making it easier for many patients to heal more quickly and comfortably.

Treatment Options Tailored to You

There are more treatments and technologies available to you today than ever before. And here at the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute, we treat more neuroscience patients and perform more neurosurgical procedures than any other hospital in the nation, so you know you’re in experienced hands. 

Endoscopic brain surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique utilizing a high-definition lighting instrument connected to a camera for visualizing different regions of the brain. The endoscope can be used in virtually any part of the brain through minimally invasive routes, with accuracy of less than a few millimeters. The result is improved outcomes for the patient. This technology is now allowing surgeons to treat lesions of the skull base, pituitary and pineal glands, and ventricles with smaller incisions, increased success and lower risk.


Radiosurgery is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes powerful doses of radiation to treat diseased brain tissue while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed — accurate to within one millimeter of the targeted area. The Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™ radiosurgery system delivers finely focused beams of gamma radiation directly to the affected area, maximizing accuracy, safety and patient comfort. This procedure is commonly used to treat patients with brain tumors, vascular malformations and functional disorders. It often takes less than one hour, with patients resuming their regular activities the next day. 

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Endoscopic endonasal skull-base surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique performed through the nose in order to remove brain tumors, pituitary tumors and other lesions at the base of the skull. An endoscopic camera — along with surgical equipment — is inserted through the nose, allowing the surgeon to navigate to the tumor safely and remove it without any large incisions. This procedure often takes less than four hours to complete, and patients typically go home in one to three days. Patients who have this procedure usually have a shorter period under anesthesia, improved outcomes, faster recovery, less pain and no scars compared to traditional open brain surgery.


Brain port surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique performed through a specially designed tube about the size of a dime. The neuro-endoport is inserted into the brain with millimeter accuracy and is used as a channel to guide the surgeon and instruments to various regions of the brain. During the procedure, an endoscope is inserted into the tube, providing a powerful light source and high-definition imagery of the lesion and its surrounding structures. Since the entire procedure is done through the neuro-endoport, it minimizes trauma to the brain and surrounding tissue. This technique is used often for tumors within the substance of the brain as well as those within the fluid-filled spaces of the brain, such as the ventricles. Patients who have this procedure typically have a faster recovery, less pain and minimal scars compared to patients who undergo traditional open approaches.


Endoscopic microvascular decompression is a minimally invasive surgical technique done through a small incision behind the ear to treat conditions like trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm and other forms of neurovascular compression syndromes. The neurosurgeon uses an endoscope to identify where the blood vessel is compressing the nerve of interest as it leaves the brainstem. The surgeon then delicately separates the blood vessel away from the nerve with a small piece of Teflon felt, leaving a space in between. By doing this, the abnormal compression of the cranial nerve is relieved. The result is a higher percentage of patients with symptomatic relief when awakening from the procedure, and a lower complication rate due to less retraction, better visualization and improved illumination.

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Gamma Knife: Brain Tumor Treatment in a Day

Gamma Knife is considered the gold standard in minimally invasive, precision radiosurgery for specific disorders of the brain. As the only hospital in Central Florida to offer this incredible outpatient treatment, we are constantly upgrading and modifying the procedure to improve precision even more. 

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Fast-Track Your Second Opinion

You deserve to feel informed and confident in your treatment decisions. A second opinion at AdventHealth can help you gather more information about your diagnosis and find compassionate support.

Turn to us for second opinions on diagnoses like brain tumors, glioblastomas, minimally invasive brain surgery (MIBS), neuromas, neurovascular conditions, pituitary tumors and trigeminal neuralgia.

Your second opinion is extremely important, so you’ll receive a call from our dedicated nurse navigator within 72 hours after we receive your medical information. And if a new treatment plan is identified, we’ll expedite your future appointments with our care team.

MRI Machine

The InnovatOR Suite

In our innovative state-of-the-art operating suites, we can perform 3-Tesla (3T) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans before, after and during the procedure. This allows us to confirm the success of a brain surgery before the patient ever leaves the operating room. Combined with other advanced technologies, these suites provide our nationally recognized neurosurgeons the best tools in the country to perform surgery with the highest levels of precision.

Care Every Step of the Way

Your path to healing continues well beyond initial diagnosis and treatment, and so does our support. A world-class team of physical, occupational and speech therapists is here to help you rebuild and maintain strength, improve motor and cognitive skills, and even learn new ways to perform everyday tasks more easily. Through each new challenge and triumph, we’re here for you and your loved ones, dedicated to your whole recovery.


Our Locations. Your Options.

As interconnected pieces of one of the most comprehensive neurology care networks in Florida, each of our Central Florida locations contributes to the strength of the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute. Ask your dedicated Care Coordinator to help explore your options and find the right fit for you to optimize your recovery.

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A Community of Support

A strong support system goes a long way. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of patient services. From support groups and wellness programs to your Care Coordinator and financial assistance tools, you always have helpful resources and compassionate people to lean on.

Care coordinator talking with a patient

Your Health Ally All the Way

Your compassionate and knowledgeable Care Coordinator is available to help schedule appointments, thoroughly explain every treatment option and put you in touch with the right resources. You’ll never wonder what’s next, because we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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