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Father and son talking about brain surgery

Comfort and Hope in Others

Throughout a medical challenge, you need caring people to lean on and a comforting voice of hope. We help lift you up with ongoing support.

Man having lungs checked by a physician.

Doing Our Part to Slow Coronavirus

As we continue to monitor coronavirus in our community, AdventHealth will postpone all events until further notice. Your safety and the safety of our care team members are a key part of our decision making as we deal with the impact of this in our facilities and the communities we serve. For more information about coronavirus, including how to best protect yourself and your family, visit the AdventHealth Coronavirus Resource Hub.

Visit the Coronavirus Resource Hub

Search for Support Groups & Programs

2022 Brain Health Virtual Support Group and Program Guide | Thumbnail

2022 Brain Health Virtual Support Group and Program Guide

See all of our different Brain Health Support Groups (all available virtually), check the dates and times and learn more about our Brain Health physician team.

Acoustic Neuroma Support Group | Thumbnail

Acoustic Neuroma Support Group

If you have been diagnosed with acoustic neuroma and have questions, wish to explore treatment options and coping strategies with other patients and clinical experts, please join the Acoustic Neuroma Association (ANA) on upcoming support group meetings.

Community Resources for Seniors | Thumbnail

Community Resources for Seniors

Learn more about how our experienced team can assist with care-plan development, ongoing care for memory loss and connections to community resources for both the patient and caregiver.

Managing Multiple System Atrophy  | Thumbnail

Managing Multiple System Atrophy

Education and support are an important part of living with Multiple System Atrophy. A team approach to management of the disease is the best way to optimize your health.

Neuromuscular Outreach Program Brochure | Thumbnail

Neuromuscular Outreach Program Brochure

Discover our complimentary support services, empowerment programs and therapies designed specifically for neuromuscular disease patients and their families. 

PWR! Parkinson Wellness Recovery | Thumbnail

PWR! Parkinson Wellness Recovery

This exercise class utilizes high effort for bigger and faster movements, while directing your attention to “how it feels” to use your full movement potential.

Rock Steady Boxing Exercise Program | Thumbnail

Rock Steady Boxing Exercise Program

Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) Orlando enables people with Parkinson’s disease to fight back and improve their quality of life through a non-contact, boxing-based fitness curriculum.

The Outlook Clinic | Thumbnail

The Outlook Clinic

The Outlook Clinic was created to provide specialized outpatient mental health care for people who do not have medical insurance.

Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD) Support Group  | Thumbnail

Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD) Support Group

Because Parkinson’s patients under the age of 50 often have different needs, we created this unique support group designed to help address those concerns.

Brain doctors at Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute

Here to Help You Connect With Support Groups

Our team is here to connect you with the support you and your loved ones deserve at every step of your treatment. Reach out to our team today and we’ll help you sign up for support groups and programs in your area.

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