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Father and son talking about brain surgery

Comfort and Hope in Others

Throughout a medical challenge, you need caring people to lean on and a comforting voice of hope. We help lift you up with ongoing support.

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2019 Parkinson's Empowerment Programs | Thumbnail

2019 Parkinson's Empowerment Programs

View our guide to see all programs and services offered by the Parkinson Outreach Center in 2019.

Acoustic Neuroma Support Group | Thumbnail

Acoustic Neuroma Support Group

If you have been diagnosed with acoustic neuroma and have questions, wish to explore treatment options and coping strategies with other patients and clinical experts, please join the Acoustic Neuroma Association (ANA) on upcoming support group meetings.

Brain Injury Support Group | Thumbnail

Brain Injury Support Group

When you’re recovering from a brain injury, it often helps to find guidance and compassion from people who have been where you are. Join our welcoming group and get the support you need.

Care Optimally Parkinson Education (COPE) for Caregivers | Thumbnail

Care Optimally Parkinson Education (COPE) for Caregivers

Care Optimally Parkinson Education (COPE) is a free education and support group program for caregivers of those with Parkinson’s disease. Register today!

Central Florida Stroke Club | Thumbnail

Central Florida Stroke Club

If you or someone you love has had a stroke, join others like you on the third Thursday of each month. The organization’s mission is to help survivors and caregivers live their best life.

Community Resources for Seniors | Thumbnail

Community Resources for Seniors

Learn more about how our experienced team can assist with care-plan development, ongoing care for memory loss and connections to community resources for both the patient and caregiver.

Counseling Services for Stroke Caregivers | Thumbnail

Counseling Services for Stroke Caregivers

The Scott Coopersmith Stroke Awareness foundation offers professional group counseling services to the caretakers of stroke survivors.

Living Out Loud | Thumbnail

Living Out Loud

Living Out Loud is a fun, interactive speech-therapy program for those living with Parkinson’s disease. These monthly sessions offer ongoing encouragement and support from licensed speech language pathologists in a group setting.

Maturing Minds | Thumbnail

Maturing Minds

The AdventHealth Maturing Minds program is designed to help those who have memory concerns, are looking for an evaluation for diagnosis or have received a diagnosis and are looking for the next steps on their journey.

Maturing Minds: Support for Caregivers | Thumbnail

Maturing Minds: Support for Caregivers

Our caregiver support group provides emotional support and helpful tips for managing the care of someone who is living with a memory disorder.

Movement as Medicine | Thumbnail

Movement as Medicine

During this class you'll move to the beat of live music while you incorporate various dance and movement forms to address balance, flexibility and spatial awareness.

Parkinson’s Outreach Center Support Groups | Thumbnail

Parkinson’s Outreach Center Support Groups

As part of our commitment to support your whole journey, the Parkinson Outreach Center offers multiple support groups specially designed for patients and caregivers. We offer educational sessions, consultations and more.

PD 101: What You and Your Family Should Know | Thumbnail

PD 101: What You and Your Family Should Know

PD 101 is a basic overview of Parkinson's disease symptoms, treatments and information to help the newly diagnosed or those who need a better general understanding of the disease.

PD Link: A Peer-to-Peer Support Program | Thumbnail

PD Link: A Peer-to-Peer Support Program

PD Link is a short-term, peer-to-peer connection for patients with Parkinson’s and their caregivers who wish to speak with someone one-on-one versus in a support-group setting.

PD-CARE | Thumbnail


PD-CARE is a free small-group, self-management support program that teaches and empowers you to face the challenges of living with Parkinson’s disease.

Pedaling for Parkinson's | Thumbnail

Pedaling for Parkinson's

This fun, interactive group class uses high-cadence cycling (80 to 90 rpm) on spin bikes and is open to those with Parkinson’s and their caregivers.

Pedaling for Parkinson's Celebration | Thumbnail

Pedaling for Parkinson's Celebration

AdventHealth Celebration offers an indoor cycling program that provides a safe and effective way for Parkinson’s patients to combat symptoms and improve motor function.

PWR! Parkinson Wellness Recovery | Thumbnail

PWR! Parkinson Wellness Recovery

This exercise class utilizes high effort for bigger and faster movements, while directing your attention to “how it feels” to use your full movement potential.

Rock Steady Boxing at CORE | Thumbnail

Rock Steady Boxing at CORE

Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) Orlando enables people with Parkinson’s disease to fight back and improve their quality of life through a non-contact, boxing-based fitness curriculum.

Spine Pre-Surgery Education Classes | Thumbnail

Spine Pre-Surgery Education Classes

The AdventHealth Spine Center provides weekly informational classes to prepare patients and caregivers for their upcoming spine surgery.

Support for Communication, Feeding & Swallowing Issues | Thumbnail

Support for Communication, Feeding & Swallowing Issues

The AdventHealth Parkinson Outreach Center and Nova Southeastern University are partnering to offer a once-a-month, four-part lecture series for people with Parkinson’s disease.

The Outlook Clinic | Thumbnail

The Outlook Clinic

The Outlook Clinic was created to provide specialized outpatient mental health care for people who do not have medical insurance.

Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD) Support Group  | Thumbnail

Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD) Support Group

Because Parkinson’s patients under the age of 50 often have different needs, we created this unique support group designed to help address those concerns.

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