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Care That Puts You Back in the Game

When you’ve suffered a head injury, you need clarity and expert guidance to help with recovery. We use the best tools available to diagnose, treat and monitor your injury, so you can be confident in your journey back to optimal health.

A Strong Team With Lots of Heart

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                        Expert Concussion Team

Expert Concussion Team

Whether it’s getting back in the game or back to living your best, your goals drive our internationally recognized sports concussion specialists to support you each step of the way.

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                        Innovative Treatments

Innovative Treatments

Feel confident knowing we push boundaries for you. With neurocognitive testing software like IMPACT™, we can produce detailed diagnoses that lead to stronger recoveries.

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                        Whole Care

Whole Care

Healing means regaining your mobility and your confidence. Our custom therapies go beyond just physical recovery to help strengthen the whole you.

Advanced Treatment for Head Trauma

Neurocognitive Testing

The latest advances available in testing allow us to evaluate head trauma non-invasively using software that measures abilities, such as memory, reaction time, language and processing speed. We’ll run these tests not only while symptoms are present, but also after they’re gone. After all, our goal is to ensure your continued and thorough recovery.

Baseline Testing

It’s a good idea to get evaluated before the start of the season. In fact, baseline neurocognitive testing is now recognized as a new standard for athletes of all kinds at all levels. Our sports concussion team will test certain markers, such as concentration, verbal memory, design memory, reaction time and mental processing ability. Then, we’ll retain the results as a comparison in case you experience a head injury later in the season.


The symptoms of head trauma aren’t always obvious, so technology is key to accurately detecting and monitoring them. IMPACT™ is a highly advanced neurocognitive testing software program that can effectively measure the severity of a concussion, as well as monitor results over a period of time so we know how well you’re healing.


Our Locations. Your Options.

As one of the most comprehensive neurology care networks in Florida, every one of our Central Florida locations contributes to the strength of the AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital, Neuroscience Institute. Ask your dedicated Care Coordinator to help you explore your options and find the right fit, so you are in the best setting to get the care you need.

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A Community of Support

A strong support system goes a long way. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of patient services. From support groups and wellness programs to your Care Coordinator and financial assistance tools, you always have helpful resources and compassionate people to lean on. 

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Your Health Ally All the Way

Your compassionate and knowledgeable Care Coordinator is available to help schedule appointments, thoroughly explain every treatment option and put you in touch with the right resources. You’ll never wonder what’s next, because we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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