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Woman patient learning about brain tumors by Neurologist

Leading the Way in Brain Tumor Treatment

Receiving a diagnosis of a brain tumor can be a life-changing event. At the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute, we're here to help. Our specialists are at the forefront of the most successful brain tumor treatment options, using the latest technology and innovative care in the field of neuroscience. We combine our expertise with caring, compassionate support for you and your family at every stage of your care and recovery.

Advanced Technology. Expert Care.

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                        Minimally Invasive Techniques

Minimally Invasive Techniques

Faster recovery with fewer complications. New innovations in minimally invasive brain surgery (MIBS) are making it easier for many patients to heal more quickly and comfortably.

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                        Fully Coordinated Care

Fully Coordinated Care

From early detection and counseling through advanced treatment and rehabilitation, our team of surgeons, physicians, nurses, therapists and caregivers guide you through every step.

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                        World-Class Expertise

World-Class Expertise

Face the challenges ahead with confidence. AdventHealth Orlando is ranked #35 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for neurology and neurosurgery.

Treatment Options Tailored to You

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery (MIBS)

Constant innovation means we can bring you exclusive techniques not found anywhere else in our region, such as Gamma Knife® technology. These minimally invasive techniques reduce the risks of surgery, require minimal or no incision and improve results.

Depending on the specifics of your condition, our specialists might talk to you about a number of minimally invasive procedure options, including:

  • Brain Port Surgery
  • Endoscopic Brain Surgery
  • Endoscopic Endonasal Skull-Base Surgery
  • Endoscopic Microvascular Decompression
  • Gamma Knife®
  • Neuroendovascular Surgery
  • Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT)

Each of these procedures can help reduce pain, scarring and damage to surrounding tissue, all while promoting faster recovery.

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Gamma Knife®

AdventHealth is the only medical facility in Central Florida using this innovative, no-incision procedure. Gamma Knife® is the most accurate technology device and is considered the gold standard in the radiosurgical management of brain disease.

It targets and treats tumors with millimeter precision, minimizing damage to surrounding tissue and resulting in less scarring and pain, and faster recovery times. Patients normally resume their daily activities within 24 to 48 hours.

Our multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, physicists and radiation oncologists have performed more than 3,600 procedures, making us one of the busiest and most experienced Gamma Knife programs in the country.

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GammaTile® Therapy

GammaTile is a biodegradable implant that delivers targeted radiotherapy specifically to the region where your brain tumor was located prior to surgery. The number of tiles used is customized to the size and location of your surgery. After GammaTiles are placed, they immediately begin delivering therapeutic radiation to the target area. A high radiation dose is delivered slowly and safely over several months, and afterward, the GammaTile becomes non-radioactive (inert). Over time, your body naturally absorbs the biodegradable GammaTile, and only inert “seeds” remain.

GammaTile is FDA-approved to treat patients with brain tumors. It is a “one and done” therapy that eliminates the need for conventional daily radiotherapy, so you can focus on what matters most: healing.

Radiation & Chemotherapy

Radiation and chemotherapy are often used as primary treatments for certain cancer types. When it comes to treating a brain tumor, there’s a bit more to determining whether either of these treatments might be effective for you.

If the tumor can’t be fully or partially removed, radiation therapy may be the best option. And even though it won’t actually remove the tumor, radiation can cause the tumor cells to die and shrink.

Chemotherapy is typically most effective as a follow-up to surgery or radiation therapy. It can also be used to help patients who have recurrent or slowly progressing tumors.

Our expert physicians at the AdventHealth Cancer Institute will help you determine if these approaches would be indicated for your treatment plan.

Intraoperative MRI

Advanced medical imaging that improves surgical outcomes by allowing images to be taken of the brain during surgery. The real-time imagery provides the surgeon with an increased ability to achieve complete tumor and other abnormality removal.

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Gamma Knife: Brain Tumor Treatment in a Day

Gamma Knife is considered the gold standard in minimally invasive, precision radiosurgery for specific disorders of the brain. As the only hospital in Central Florida to offer this incredible outpatient treatment, we are constantly upgrading and modifying the procedure to improve precision even more. 

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Other Conditions We Treat


Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) Tumors Cushing’s Disease/Syndrome
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC)
Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumors (ATRTs)
Brain Metastasis
Brain Stem Tumors
Carcinomatous Meningitis
Central Nervous System (CNS) Lymphoma
Central Neurocytoma
Cerebellopontine Angle Tumors (CPA)
Choroid Plexus Carcinoma
Choroid Plexus Papilloma
Dermoid and Epidermoid Tumors
Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumors (DNETs)
Esthesioneuroblastoma or Olfactory Neuroblastoma


Fibrous Dysplasia
Foramen Magnum Tumors
Germ Cell Tumors
Giant Cell Astrocytoma
Glomus Tumors/Paragangliomas
Granular Cell Tumors
Growth Hormone Tumors (Acromegaly)
Hypothalamic Hamartoma
Inflammatory Pseudotumor
Inverting Papilloma
Jugular Foramen Tumors
Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma (JPA)
Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Null Cell Adenoma
Orbital Tumors


Paranasal Sinus Tumors
Pineal Cyst
Pineal Parenchymal Tumors (PPTs) of Intermediate Differentiation
Pineal Region Tumors
Pituitary Adenoma (Micro and Macro)
Pituitary Apoplexy
Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma (PXA)
Posterior Fossa Tumor
Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors (PNETs)
Rathke’s Cleft Cyst
Sellar/Parasellar Tumors
Solitary Fibrous Tumor
Spindle Cell Oncocytoma
Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma (SGA)
Thyrotropinoma (TSHoma)

Care Every Step of the Way

Your path to healing continues well beyond initial diagnosis and treatment, and so does our support. A world-class team of physical, occupational and speech therapists is here to help you rebuild and maintain strength, improve motor and cognitive skills, and even learn new ways to perform everyday tasks more easily. Through each new challenge and triumph, we’re here for you and your loved ones, dedicated to your whole recovery.


Our Locations. Your Options.

As interconnected pieces of one of the most comprehensive neurology care networks in Florida, each of our Central Florida locations contributes to the strength of the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute. Ask your dedicated Care Coordinator to help explore your options and find the right fit for you to optimize your recovery.

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A Community of Support

A strong support system goes a long way. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of patient services. From support groups and wellness programs to your Care Coordinator and financial assistance tools, you always have helpful resources and compassionate people to lean on.

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Your Health Ally All the Way

Your compassionate and knowledgeable Care Coordinator is available to help schedule appointments, thoroughly explain every treatment option and put you in touch with the right resources. You’ll never wonder what’s next, because we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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