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Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumors (DNETs)

Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial tumors (DNETs) most often affects children and young teens. They are the second-leading cause of childhood epilepsy, triggering seizures and headaches. Although capable of growing anywhere in the brain and spinal cord, the benign masses are typically found in the temporal lobe – a portion of the brain critical to hearing and understanding speech.

Best in Care

The AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute is a state-of-the-art facility for adults and children affected by DNETs. We specialize in minimally invasive treatments that use laser technology to remove the tumors or reduce their size. These advanced techniques often minimize damage to surrounding tissue and result in less scarring and pain. Using Intraoperative MRI, our surgeons can view 3-D images of DNETs during surgery, helping them to remove more of the tumor and stop the seizures it often triggers. Patients also generally recover more quickly after minimally invasive surgeries.