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Glomus Tumors/Paragangliomas

Glomus tumors, or paragangliomas, grow slowly but can invade surrounding tissue and cause significant damage. They often appear in the ear cavity, at the base of the skull, or in the upper neck. Women and middle-age adults are most prone to developing this type of tumor. The condition may be inherited or result from a genetic mutation. Common symptoms are hearing loss and facial palsies. Although benign, glomus tumors will require treatment if they grow large and affect the central nervous system. 

Best in Care           

The AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute is a state-of-the-art facility for adults and children affected by glomus tumors. Because these tumors are unresponsive to medications and chemotherapy, successful surgical removal is an important part of an effective treatment plan if the tumor produces severe symptoms. We specialize in minimally invasive treatments that use laser technology to remove the tumors or reduce their size. These advanced techniques often minimize damage to surrounding tissue and result in less scarring and pain. Using image-guided stereotactic neurosurgery, our surgeons can view 3-D images of glomus tumors during surgery, helping them to remove more of the mass. Recovery is quicker after minimally invasive surgeries, because no incision is made.