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Pineal Cyst

Pineal cyst is a fluid-filled mass in the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland near the center of the brain. It is one of the most common cysts found in the brain.  It rarely produces neurological problems, but symptoms can occur, including headache, difficulty looking up, sleepiness and confusion. Pineal cysts are most common in young adults, especially women. 

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The AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute is a state-of-the art facility for adults and children affected by pineal cysts. We specialize in minimally invasive treatments that use laser technology, 3-D brain mapping and endoscopes to reach growths, such as cysts, in sensitive areas. With these sophisticated tools, our surgeons can remove the cyst through the natural corridor of the nose instead of making an incision in the head. This minimizes side effects and scarring, and quickens recovery time.