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Advanced Care for Cerebrovascular Disorders

When your body’s most powerful organ suffers a setback, turn to the most trusted experts. At the AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital, Neuroscience Institute, our cerebrovascular specialists provide world-class care and expertise to help restore brain health and functioning.

Advanced Technology. Expert Care.

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                        Minimally Invasive Techniques

Minimally Invasive Techniques

Faster recovery with fewer complications. New innovations in minimally invasive brain surgery (MIBS) allow many patients to heal more quickly and comfortably.

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                        Fully Coordinated Care

Fully Coordinated Care

From advanced treatment through recovery and rehabilitation, our team of surgeons, physicians, nurses, therapists and caregivers guide you through every step.

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                        World-Class Expertise

World-Class Expertise

Face the challenges ahead with confidence. AdventHealth Orlando is ranked #35 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for neurology and neurosurgery.

Improving Care With Innovative Treatments

Interventional Neuroradiology (INR)

AdventHealth is one of the only hospitals in Central Florida to provide in-house interventional neuroradiology 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether day or night, a specialist is immediately available to offer treatment of cerebrovascular disorders, such as brain aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, carotid stenosis, strokes and transient ischemic attacks.

Using 3D progressive imaging to guide an endoscope through a vein or artery, our experienced surgeons can view and treat the affected area with pinpoint accuracy. This technique eliminates the need for a large incision, which means less discomfort, fewer risks and a shorter recovery time.

Gamma Knife® Technology

We continue to push for better results that bring you a stronger recovery. New innovations are making it possible, often allowing our surgeons to operate with millimeter accuracy and minimal or no incisions.

Cerebrovascular disorders can sometimes be treated with a leading-edge treatment called Gamma Knife® technology. AdventHealth is the only medical facility in Central Florida using this innovative no-incision procedure. Gamma Knife® is the most accurate technology device and is considered the gold standard in the radiosurgical management of brain disease. It targets and treats tumors with precision, minimizing damage to surrounding tissue, resulting in less pain and scarring and faster recovery times. Patients normally resume their daily activities within 24 to 48 hours.

The Gamma Knife® surgical suite at AdventHealth is the only one of its kind in Central Florida. Our multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists has performed nearly 3,600 procedures using the Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™. 

Other minimally invasive options, such as endoscopy and brain port surgery, also provide benefits of reduced pain, less scarring and faster recovery compared with traditional open surgery. Our specialists will help you carefully determine all your options and choose the treatment best suited to bring you the most effective relief and recovery. 


Our Locations. Your Options.

As one of the most comprehensive neurology care networks in Florida, every one of our Central Florida locations contributes to the strength of the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute. Ask your dedicated Care Coordinator to help you explore your options and find the right fit, so you are in the best setting to get the care you need.

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A Community of Support

A strong support system goes a long way. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of patient services. From support groups and wellness programs to your Care Coordinator and financial assistance tools, you always have helpful resources and compassionate people to lean on. 

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Partnerships for Peace of Mind

You can feel your best knowing we partner with the best. Teaming up with local, regional and national leaders, we are reimagining neurological treatment to give you even more resources and more confidence in your care.

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Your Health Ally All the Way

Your compassionate and knowledgeable Care Coordinator is available to help schedule appointments, thoroughly explain every treatment option and put you in touch with the right resources. You’ll never wonder what’s next, because we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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